Futureserv Consulting Engineers


July 2012 - Lewis's Building, Liverpool

Futureserv have been working with Merepark Construction for the past two years to deliver the redevelopment of the Lewis's Building, close to Lime Street Station in Liverpool.

This landmark building encompasses almost half a million square feet of space and is currently under transformation to create the UK's first Adagio Apart-Hotel, almost 80,000 square feet of Grade A office space and a huge mixed use retail area. The development will eventually be powered by a tri-generation district heating and cooling scheme consisting of over 1MW of CHP, 8MW of boiler power, absorption chillers and a private wire HV network. In addition we are now assisting with the completion of the 400 space multi-storey carpark located adjacent the site and are responsible for all mechanical, electrical and life safety systems.

In other areas Futureserv remain heavily involved in many new build and redevelopment projects to create high quality student accommodation schemes in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, Leicester and Nottingham. These projects are a mix of detail design for construction and performancedesignspecifications working with Operators, Developers and Contractors and this variety of appointments allows us toproduce practical, viable and efficient designs with full understanding of thechallenges of construction.

David Cleary